Detox…the Dreaded “D” Word?

Spring..a time of renewal. A time of new beginnings, of birds singing, flowers blooming. A time to shed the heavy layers of winter clothes in favor of more skin-revealing outfits. Spring is also the perfect time for detoxing our bodies. What is detoxification and why should we do it? It’s simple really. Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances from our bodies. Whenever we eat processed, fried, or any kind of junk foods, toxins build up in our bodies. Stress, pollution, using personal care and cosmetic products with unhealthy ingredients can also cause toxins to build up. When your body becomes overburdened with toxins, inflammation sets in, which leads to sickness and disease. Our bodies were designed to detox naturally via the liver, bowels, and skin. However, depending on a person’s lifestyle, some of those toxins may get “stuck” – which is why some people are chronically achy, bloated, unable to lose or gain weight, have dull, blotchy or inflamed skin and lackluster hair. Toxins sap not only your energy but affect your overall health and beauty as well.

Soooo… does one detox? Basically, anytime you cut back on, or eliminate the “junk” out of your diet and lifestyle, your body will detox. How fast or slow this occurs depends on how much or little you remove. There is one little caveat that I will mention up front: detoxing can be (but doesn’t have to be) quite unpleasant. If you decide that you wanted to “quick clean” your system, for instance, you may experience a variety of detox symptoms that may make you wish you had left well enough alone (this is one reason I have chosen to slowly detox my body – I’m a bit chicken of the process). Some of these symptoms may include the following:

– Skin breakouts – uh, yeah, like I need more of those!
– Bloating, stomach pains
– Headaches
– Food cravings
– Trouble sleeping, nightmares

– Diarrhea and constipation
– Fatigue, drowsiness, low levels of energy
– Irritability
– Congestion or mucus that feels like a cold
You may read these and ask why the hell would anyone want to go through all that?! I’ll tell you why – these symptoms, while unpleasant, don’t last. Unlike keeping the toxins tucked away, nice and neat inside your cells, which will cause you to continually feel like crap, detoxing purges them out, and when they are gone, you feel better than you ever thought you could. Even though I chose to detox slowly, and I’ll probably have to do a deeper cleanse once my back is healed, I have still noticed a difference in my appearance at least. My hair is healthier (also the result of using organic hair color), my skin doesn’t break out like it used to, I look younger than my age. I don’t have a weight problem. Hopefully, soon I won’t have back or hip pain anymore.
Some things to incorporate in your diet/lifestyle to help your body detox:
– Raw fruits and veggies – these are the most cleansing foods on the planet. Eat them plain, juice them, throw them in a smoothie, but do eat them..and lots of them! Not only do raw plant foods keep their enzymes intact which helps digestion, but they are packed with water and thus help to keep you hydrated. Make sure they are organic and if not, rinse well.
– Water, water, water! Water is truly the elixir of life, so drink up! If you can’t stand to drink plain water, add fresh lemon juice – lemon helps to detoxify the liver, plus it tastes good too. 🙂
 – Exercise..doesn’t matter what it is..just do something to get the oxygen flowing
– Switch to natural, non-toxic personal care & skincare products (I’ll post later about different products I’ve tried and how to buy natural on a budget)
– Find a hobby or something that you enjoy that can de-stress you.
Everyone’s body is unique and will respond differently to detoxing. How you choose to do it is up to you, but I strongly encourage you to do it – your body will thank you! Some of the benefits include clearer skin, weight loss, mental clarity, increased energy, more stable emotions, fewer aches and pains and the list can go on.
For tips, recipes and more on detoxing, I recommend Kimberly Snyder’s book “The Beauty Detox Solution” and Natalia Rose “The Raw Food Detox Diet”
Peace, love and happy detoxing! 🙂
Sabrina xo

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