Water…The Elixir of Health and Beauty

We’ve all heard or read that we should drink more water. And since most of us spend the majority of our days in a state of mild dehydration, thanks to coffee, soda (or pop depending on where you are from), caffeinated teas, and sugary beverages, we really do need to increase our water consumption. How much seems to vary among the “experts”, but most seem to agree on at least 8 8 ounce glasses a day.

The benefits of water are numerous, and besides keeping our bodies and skin hydrated, water also helps with the following:

~ Reduces bloating and puffiness
~ Helps to carry nutrients to your cells
~ Keeps joints and muscles lubricated
~ Increases energy levels
~ Increases cognitive function ( Your brain needs oxygen in order to function properly & water helps your brain get what it needs)
~ Supports nerve function
~ Supports metabolism and aids in weight loss
~ Promotes clear, bright eyes ( No more Visine eyedrops!)
~ Helps your body build muscle ( Water carries oxygen to every cell in our bodies, including muscles, which can enable them to work harder and longer before fatigue sets in).
~ Helps to promote clear, radiant skin ( As mentioned, water flushes out toxins and carries nutrients to cells, both of which help with skin health).

Now, I know sometimes drinking plain old water can be kind of boring. But please resist the urge to add any of those chemical laden flavor packets (Crystal Light, Mio, etc..), as that will only defeat the purpose of drinking water for health. Instead, try adding a slice of organic lemon (for extra detoxifying benefits), lime, or another fruit of choice. You can also make homemade Vitamin Water (again to avoid nasty and un-necessary chemicals) by filling a pitcher with water and adding whatever fruit (or a combination of fruits) you like. Stay away from the sugar bowl, though, as sugar not only dehydrates, but is also toxic to your body. If you feel you need an extra boost of sweetness, try raw, organic honey, stevia or xylitol (no aspartame or Splenda).

Also, if you find it challenging to drink 8 or more glasses a day, try consuming more raw fruits and vegetables. These foods contain a lot of water and can assist in helping you maintain healthy hydration levels.

Bottom line, water is a necessary beauty booster that can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your skin. Water truly does do a body good. 😉

Peace and love,
~ Sabrina

*All reviews are based on my own experience with the products. I do not get paid to write reviews and will only recommend products if I truly like them. All photographs are by @TheBrunetteEcoholic unless stated otherwise.

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