Hemp Health Inc. – One Family’s Testimony To The Benefits Of Using Hemp Oil


For years, Hemp has gotten a bad rap for being mistaken as being the same thing as its more recreationally used cousin, marijuana, and although the two come from the same species of plant (“Cannabis Sativa L”) there are two major distinctions – scientific and usage. While industrial Hemp tends to produce high levels of the cannabinoid CBD & low amounts of THC, marijuana conversely produces high levels of THC & low levels of CBD. Industrial Hemp also boasts over 50,000 uses (from textiles to clothing to skincare to food & many others), while marijuana is popular for its psychoactive properties, or “high”. Read more about the differences here.

I’ve used Hemp Oil in skincare and it’s one of my favorites – it’s dubbed “nature’s most perfectly balanced oil” because it contains all known 21 amino acids & the ideal 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 (Linoleic) to Omega 3 (alpha-Linolenic) essential fatty acids, the optimal requirement for healthy skin. I’ve also used Hemp seeds & powder in various food recipes as a source of protein.

But it’s the testimonies of Hemp Oil helping to alleviate pain as well certain health issues that really makes this plant special, in my opinion. I was recently introduced to Hemp Health Inc, a company that produces a pure, vegan, non-GMO & federally legal form of  CBD-rich Hemp Oil products, as well as a user’s story of how this amazing oil helped her and her whole family.

The story I’m sharing is that of Sue McQuown, a loyal Hemp Health customer who lives in Vista, California.

Sue’s dog, Charlie


 The story begins when Sue’s 14-year-old yellow lab, Charlie, was on harsh medications for pain. At the time, Sue & her husband thought they were going to have to put him down because his back legs went out, due to arthritis & tendonitis, and he couldn’t walk. The vet put him on all sorts of medications that ended up damaging his liver and causing other issues. One day, Sue was talking about Charlie to her local bank teller who knew all about CBD oil (after seeing it help his aunt recover from crippling arthritis), and he recommended she try Hemp Oil versus traditional medicines. Desperate, Sue tried Hemp Health’s CBD for Pets and in time the oil helped Charlie’s pain and reduced inflammation so he could walk without issue. He has been on the oil for 2 years. With Charlie’s success being on Hemp oil, Sue recommended her entire family uses it for their ailments.
~Her husband uses the Hemp Oil CBD in the morning and at night, to help with pain from shoulder surgery. His shoulder now has full functionality & zero pain.
~Her son’s mother-in-law, who is an avid gardener couldn’t use her right hand because her thumb wouldn’t close due to arthritis and after using the Hemp Oil she is back to gardening every day!
~Sue’s daughter has three misplaced discs in her back, and cannot have surgery yet, so she uses the CBD Oral Spray Oil to help with pain. Before the oil, she was unable to sleep or make it through the day without excessive pain. The Hemp Oil reduces her pain and helps her sleep. She also doesn’t have restless leg syndrome anymore. Her daughter takes 3 pumps before bed and sleeps perfectly.
~Her grandson has ADD, and they were tired of medicating him – three days of using the Hemp Oil they saw drastic results – he was completely calmed down and now uses it to help focus throughout the day without the use of prescribed medication.
As Sue was taking care of her family with Hemp Oil, she realized that she too is a great candidate for it. She suffers from high anxiety and was taking Xanax to treat it, but when she switched to Hemp Oil, she felt less anxious within 5 minutes after ingestion. Sue has been using it for 6 months and wishes she found it earlier. Using the Hemp Oil helps her to focus on her many projects and day to day tasks, without getting overwhelmed and stressed like she did before.
“I believe in it because I see the results with my own eyes. I honestly believe if you take hemp oil, it will cure everything.” – Direct quote from Sue. 
Thank you so much, Sue, for sharing your testimony! 🙂 <3
*This is not a sponsored post, the PR rep reached to me to see if I felt this story would be of interest to my readers, and as someone who suffers from chronic pain, stress and other issues, I thought it was relevant to share. 🙂
Have any of you ever used Hemp Oil to treat any health issues? 
Peace & love,
Sabrina xo

**Hemp Health Inc. does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (USA CDA). The company does sell, and distribute hemp-based products.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, always check with your physician before use.


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