Eco-Friendly Products That Are Perfect For Holiday Parties!

Photo Credit – Eco-Products

With the holidays lurking right around the corner, I’m getting excited about all the delish food this time of year brings! Less exciting, however, is the clean up! And of course, using plastic or styrofoam products just won’t do for this eco-chica!

I not only want plates, cups, and utensils that are safe for the environment, but that look pretty too! So, when I found a brand that offered both, I did a little happy dance! 🙂

Eco-Products carries everything from hot & cold cups, plates, utensils, and containers as well as straws and compostable bags. Every product is made from renewable or recycled resources and their latest line, Eco-Colors, was created specifically with party planners in mind.

This new line comes in a variety of designs and colors, including green, yellow, black and gray, and is made from 100 percent renewable resources. The plates, made from sugarcane, are sturdy and won’t bend, even while holding a pile of food. And the cups and cutlery are made with Ingeo™, a naturally advanced plant-based plastic. Everything is certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).

The idea is to simplify things for hosts – instead of asking guests to throw out their leftover food in one bin and their recyclables in another, everything can be tossed into the same bin for composting.

What I love, besides the fact that these are eco-friendly, are the design options. Simple, yet elegant..almost too pretty to toss out! I think my favorite is the gray design (above photo) – I could definitely create a pretty Christmas tablescape centered on the color (thinking lots of silver and gold or silver and blue!).

Photo Credit – Eco-Products

These products are also pretty inexpensive too, so another win! 😉


Have you guys ever heard of Eco-Products? Would you use their Eco-Colors line for any upcoming holiday parties? Let me know what you think!

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About Eco-Products®, Inc.

Eco-Products is the nation’s leading brand of single-use foodservice products made from renewable and recycled resources. Our products are, relative to traditional counterparts, gentler on the environment because they require fewer virgin resources to produce, and make a diversion from landfills an option upon disposal.


*I was not compensated to write this post. The information & images on the company were submitted to me by Eco-Products for article consideration, I felt the subject matter was relevant to my blog & could be useful to my readers.


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