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The holiday season is a truly remarkable time full of unique savor, which lifts the mood and ignites inspiration for décor. Alas, during this part of the year a ton of waste is produced, and it tends to end up in the wrong places. The good news, though, is that even slight changes in your habits make a big difference. One of the best ways to make it happen is to opt for your own earth-friendly holiday decoration. The beauty of it is that this costs you very little, as it is possible to recycle and repurpose things you already possess.

The Price Tag

Decorating can be a fun, eco-friendly family ritual. There is a plethora of natural materials and DIY alternatives to products that usually give rise to shopping sprees. This gives you a chance to carry out an organic home makeover and let your fine taste show.

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Think in terms of fruits, nuts, pine cones and other items you can use to come up majestic details, but also centerpieces that visually dominate the space. Add splashes of color, joy, and texture to your home and witness the spellbinding transformation without making Mother Nature pay the price for it.

Frugality symbolism



It is a good idea to first recycle your old décor. A live Christmas tree, for example, provides you with wood chips and mulch at a recycling yard. Furthermore, use branches, straw, and other organic materials to put a nontraditional twist to your decorating. Try to put garlands, ornaments, and other crafty projects to good use.

Make your space cozier by layering it with textures, shines, and organic elements. If you want to add warmth to features like the contemporary Scandinavian furniture, utilize fuzzy blankets and other accessories.

Central stage

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A Christmas tree is a striking centerpiece, the heart and soul of the home during the holidays. Instead of chopping down a real tree, you can take the sustainable approach. My personal favorite is a recycled cardboard tree.

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As the name suggests, you need some old cardboard boxes, and after assembling them, you can decorate with baubles and lights. I have also seen some amazing examples of driftwood, pallet, and paperback trees that spark attention in any environment.

Do it your way

One of the reasons why I adore holidays is that I get to engage in DIY garland projects. They fit perfectly on my mantel and staircase, and this year I will probably make a Cinnamon Orange Garland. Namely, nothing says “Welcome holidays” as a garland that smells and looks magnificent. This one requires you to fill acorn caps with freshly-made apple cinnamon dough and string them together with orange slices. I even suspect that this delicious hanging decoration will adorn my home long before the Christmas knocks on the door.

Whatever makes you happy


Kitchens become real hubs of domestic life during the holidays. The mouth-watering smells originating from there are an invitation for families to come together and cherish the merry moments. What is more, kitchen conceals a lot of mundane items that can now assume new roles. So, add fresh berries to a bowl of water and put floating candles to create a focal point of your table. Make some paper craft for the table and pair it up with a shiny cutlery. Finally, find some unutilized jam jars and turn them into candle holders.

A fiery allure

Try to think outside the box and get your creative juices flowing. For example, use an unexpected object such as a tree stump as a base for a candle arrangement. This blends the fiery sensation with a rustic wooden charm and gives you a unique centerpiece for a living room. Besides, candles are a must-have since they help you avoid artificial lighting and summon that distinctive, warm essence of festivity. You do not have to employ those entangled strands of holiday lights after all.

A natural embrace


Holiday season fosters some exciting shifts in our living environments.  There is an enthralling sensation in the air, and we strive to capture it with attention-grabbing decoration. Even the mundane household objects can work wonders, so there is no need to throw money for products that only pollute the natural environment. Conserve energy and resources, and re-purpose old décor. Give the nature the ultimate gift of life, and it will snuggle you up even in the dead of the winter.


What are your favorite eco-friendly holiday decor ideas? Let me know!

Post was written for TBE by Chloe Taylor – designer, stylist & blogger

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  1. I love to bring a little bit of the outside world into my home during these dark winter days. I love to make a few wreaths from the cedar or blue spruce trees growing in my yard. I have a gold vase that I fill with evergreen branches as well as red willow branches. I then apply glue and sparkles to some large feathers and put them in the vase along with the branches.

    • Hi, Andrea! That sounds really lovely! I wish I was more crafty, I’d love to make my own decor from nature! 😀

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