TBE’s 16 Favorite Green Beauty Products of 2016 🌿💚


Happy New Year loves! I can’t believe it’s 2017 already! Anyone else happy to see 2016 over with? Anyone else wondering where the heck the flying cars and hover boards are? No? Just me then….

Anyhoo…I hope you all had a fab holiday! Anyone do anything exciting? The hubs and I played it low key and just had a really yummy (although not that healthy) dinner (detox tomorrow!), watched a movie and then went to bed before midnight. Ours is a life of non-stop excitement lol.

Speaking of 2016, I wanted to take some time and share what some of my favorite green beauty products were from this year. Green beauty has come such a long way and I can’t wait to see how it continues to grow and evolve in the years to come!

When I was writing this post, I found it really wasn’t easy to select my top favorites as there were so many amazing brands and products that I was fortunate enough to try in 2016. And of course I wanted to make sure to select ones that I not only loved and used regularly, but that worked for me and also that covered multiple areas of green beauty & living – which of course made the task extra difficult!

So without further babbling…here is what I came up with! Note: these are not in any particular order! 🙂 All products are linked to the reviews on my blog (except for the Elaa Skincare products which will be included in an upcoming review).


  1. Whole Clarity Oil Cleanser + Make-Up Remover $35
  2. Northport Naturals Detoxifying Clay Mask $19
  3. Annmarie Skincare Anti-Aging Serum & Facial Oil $54.95 each
  4. Vital Proteins Marine Collagen & Collagen Beauty Greens $49 & $79
  5. Pacifica Dream Big Mascara $16
  6. Veeda Ultra Thin Pads $4.49
  7. Only Goodness Inside Deodorant $19.99-37.59
  8. Bella Aura Skincare Essential Energy Boosting Kit $75 (on their website)
  9. Green People Gentle Cleanse + Make-Up Remover $30
  10. Blissoma Smooth A+ Correcting Serum $34
  11. Mother Dirt AO+ Mist $49
  12. Macaccino Original Mocha $23.95
  13. Astoria Naturals Custom Body Lotion $19
  14. Prism Brush Bar $26.15
  15. Lurk Beauty OM 011 & PRM 016 $65 each
  16. Elaa Organic Skincare After the Rain Balm $45 & Bee Beauty Facial Oil $39 – review coming soon


What were your favorite GB products from 2016? Anything I should put on my radar or that you’d like to see featured here on TBE? Let me know below! 

Peace & love,

~Brie xo

*Affiliate links were used for some products. All products were chosen because I truly love them!

**I figured since we’ve known each other now for almost 4 years, I’d start using the name my close friends and family call me by! 😉

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