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Wondercide was founded after the owner, Stephanie Boone’s dog, Luna started experiencing serious side effects from a vet prescribed flea & tick treatment & developed pesticide poisoning. After nursing Luna back to health (and ignoring vet’s suggestion to put her down), Stephanie began researching pesticide formulations, their impact on human and animal health, regulatory laws and federal environmental policies. What she found was enough to motivate her to leave her current job and create Wondercide. Their line of safe & effective natural products helps to protect families without using harsh or toxic chemicals.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 80% of our pesticide exposure happens at home (and we’re not talking about your food!). Wondercide replaces the products used on families, pets and the home that typically contain these dangerous chemicals.Pesticide exposure is linked to childhood cancers, chronic allergies, developmental diseases, and poisonings.


Back in December, our cat, Juliette had suddenly stopped eating and became inactive and listless. Terrified by the thought that I could lose her, my hubby and I immediately took her to the vet.

While there, she was poked, prodded and tested (never complaining) and we were told that her liver, gall bladder, and pancreas were not working as they should – her little body was overburdened by toxins since she wasn’t detoxing them out. She was put on several medications, including an antibiotic and a liver pill containing Milk Thistle to help her liver function as it should.

Even though she was taking medicines, I knew I wanted to try and find something more natural to help her. Luckily,  Wondercide had reached out to me around the same time (kismet?) & I jumped at the chance to try their products.

Since Juliette was having an issue with detoxification, I chose their “Detox” product with bentonite clay to see if it would help.


Detox Ultra-Pure Bentonite Clay for Dogs & Cats

The use of using clay for wellness dates back centuries when primitive tribes in the Andes, Central Africa & Australia would dissolve the clay in water & dip their food in it. Animals in the wild have also been instinctively drawn to clay deposits and would lick it as part of their diet and roll around in it to get relief from injuries.

Benefits of Detox bentonite clay include:

  • Digestion – helps support healthy digestion & bowel movements
  • Toxin removal – helps to remove heavy metals or environmental toxins from the body
  • Resistance to pathogens – helps to boost the immune system by killing harmful bacteria
  • Organ function – helps to support proper liver & kidney function

Because Juliette was on so many medicines, we tried putting the Detox in her water to see how her body would react. Since she also has a delicate digestion & throws up quite regularly, it was difficult to determine if the clay was helping or if the vomiting was part of the detoxification. We stopped giving it to her while she was on her meds and will start it back up again now that she is done with them. I will say that as of right now, she is eating normally, she’s very active and her coat and eyes appear to be much healthier too! Because she was on pills that help to support liver detoxification, I’m not 100% sure which helped her more or if it was a combination of meds, Detox & everything else we were doing (including all the love she was given by myself, my hubby & her kitty sisters). I’ll have to update on my social media once we start her back on the Detox. It definitely can’t hurt to start giving it to all my kitties, since they do spend a lot of time in our basement and who knows what things they are getting into and exposing themselves to! #kittymischief

Price – $24.99

Ingredients – Calcium Bentonite Clay, Purified Water

{No Artificial Colors, Preservatives, Yeast, Wheat, Soy, or Dairy. Gluten-Free}



Have you guys ever used bentonite clay for detoxing on yourself or your pets? How did it work for you?

Peace & love,

Brie xo

*Product was sent to me for review consideration. All opinions are my own.


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