Guest Post: Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Outdoor Sanctuary

Outdoor living is an alluring lifestyle gaining traction across the globe. Numerous gardeners are determined to renovate, design or revamp their outdoor areas with sustainability in mind. This is a chance to lower your environmental impact, inject visual bliss, and save money each month. Besides, you can assemble a space which reflects your unique sense of style and adheres to green design principles. So, work with nature, not against it: Bring the homey comfort outside and enjoy the outdoor living at its best!


Plants and wildlife

First off, create a herb garden in your patio area. Surround it with planters of different herbs that are fresh all year round and incorporate native plants that attract birds, butterflies, bees, and other denizens of nature. A rain garden is also a sound option because it contains a range of shrubs that thrive both in wet and dry conditions and provide the much-needed food and shelter to wildlife.

Moreover, you have complete freedom to arrange them according to your taste and they don’t require much maintenance. Just pick a sunny location where the water soaks into the soil quickly and avoid using newer pesticides (called neonicotinoids) that can be fatal to wildlife.

Central stage

Visit a local lumber yard and use reclaimed or recycled wood for your patio or deck – your garden’s center stage. Sustainable furniture is an absolute must, especially the one made out of durable wood, recycled plastic, and stainless steel. Recycled plastic, for instance, has low maintenance requirements and is water resistant.

In case you prefer the good old wood, though, think in terms of long-lasting teak, acacia, or eucalyptus hardwood. Also, protect yourself from bright sunlight during summer with sustainable products from companies like Malibu Shade: Their shade sails and structures are manufactured from energy-efficient, environment-friendly fabrics.

Outdoor Decor

Let the natural products dominate the outdoor décor. Water features such as small ponds or bird baths are a great way to infuse your outdoor space with the natural charm. You should be also able to find wind chimes and ornaments made from recycled glass, wood, or metal. Furthermore, put together a spectacle of layered beauty with bamboo rugs, coir doormats, and wicker pieces.

Note that concrete, wrought iron, and railroad ties are also quite popular when it comes to DIY projects. Finally, strive to repurpose various household items and use them in innovative ways. For example, a piece of furniture or even an old bathtub can serve as an eye-catching decorative planter.

Eco-friendly fire pit

An eco-friendly fire pit is an exciting DIY project. You’ll need a large metal, ceramic or glass container you can fill with river stones, recycled tumbled glass, glass pebbles, or some other flammable material. Next, purchase eco-fuel, a 100% biodegradable product, which is rather inexpensive and does not harm the environment.

This stunning fiery spectacle will add warmth and boost the visual appeal of the outdoor space. Indeed, it is an attention-grabbing centerpiece for deck, porch or garden, perfect for lonely nights, but also entertainment occasions and gatherings.

Solar-powered outdoor lighting

There is something quite special about nighttime in gardens. And in order to fully immerse in this spellbinding ambiance, you need the shiny presence of outdoor lighting. It highlights your favorite garden and landscaping features and also treats you with an enhanced functionality.

The good news is that the solar-powered solutions are affordable. In addition, they are easy-to-install and maintain, and pose a versatile solution for casting a soft glow on your flower beds and pathways. Harness the free blessings of the sun during the day and illuminate the outdoor shelter when the night swallows the surroundings.

A Natural Shrine

There are few things as satisfying as relaxing in the great outdoors, under the eternal blue sky and the radiance of distant, scattered stars. An eco-friendly lifestyle is best carried out close to nature, so marry the interior of your home with the outside world. Put your green fingers to good use and summon a cornucopia of native plants. Unleash your creativity, utilize natural materials, and reap a multitude of benefits from owning a striking garden bustling with life and nature.


What are your tips for creating an eco-friendly outdoor sanctuary? Let me know below!

Post was written for TBE by Chloe Taylor – designer, stylist & blogger. You can read her previous post on TBE here!

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