Eco-Beauty Diaries: Products I Am Loving Lately Part 2 {Bath & Body}

Hey, Eco-beauties! I hope you all have been having a fab Summer! I can’t believe it’s already September! Where the heck does the time go?!!

Anyhoo..I wanted to share some more lovely products with you today. These are primarily bath and body related, with a few stress relief and sleep “aids” mixed in.

Because I’ve had the privilege of being introduced to and trying out so many really amazing brands/products this year, it’s taking me a bit longer to get to through everything I’ve been testing, but hopefully, you’ll be as impressed with these products as I have been!

Let’s dive in!


M&C Naturals

Having struggled for years with skin issues, and not being able to find anything that worked that didn’t also come with a high price tag, founder Melissa Rau enlisted the help of her brother-in-law to create her own line of products. She wanted to offer products that were not only effective but that were completely natural, gentle and affordable.

All of M&C Naturals ingredients have been carefully selected from ethical sources to create handcrafted products made here in the USA that are completely free of harsh chemicals, parabens, gluten, GMO’s, and sodium lauryl sulfates. Many of their ingredients are certified organic and all of their products are cruelty-free! I also love that they believe in complete transparency so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin when you use their line (no hidden ingredients)!

Browsing through their website and seeing all the delightful goodies they have to offer made it extremely difficult to choose what I wanted to share (I wanted ALL), but in the end, I decided to select their bath salts and boy was I happy I did! 🙂

Bath Salts – Made with just Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salt, and essential oils, these will help soothe away tension and muscle aches while you soak in the tub! Epsom Salts have been used to help boost magnesium levels, reduce stress, alleviate pain and inflammation, and eliminate toxins. Dead Sea Salt also helps to get rid of toxins through its natural inclusion of 21 essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium.

There are several different scents you can choose from – Lavender, Citrus Garden, Eucalyptus Mint, Coconut, and Peppermint. My personal favorite is the Lavender as it the most relaxing and when I soak in the tub, I want to be relaxed to the max! 🙂

Price – $18 for 16oz or $5 for 2oz

Also, because Melissa is just so awesome (seriously, she’s super sweet and down to earth and just great people!), she is kindly offering TBE readers a discount code (no expiration date!) to receive 10% off your order! Just be sure to use code {TheBrunetteEco} at checkout to save $$!! 😀


Dulse & Rugosa

This mother and daughter owned business was started back in 2012 as a way to share the wonders of Maine’s oceans and especially seaweed with everyone. They wild harvest or grow their own botanicals and seaweeds on a tiny island (called Gotts) off the coast of Acadia National Park in Maine. Every flower, leaf, and piece of seaweed are hand picked then solar dried.

All of their products are handcrafted, eco-friendly, natural and affordable!

Once again, I was given the “difficult” task of choosing which products I’d want to try out and though (like with M&C Naturals above), I wanted everything, I narrowed down my selection to the following:

Too Much Botanical Essence Oil – These therapeutic oil blends are created to lift your spirits and help maintain a healthy body and mind. Each formula begins with a base of golden jojoba oil and are mixed with various essential oils & finished with Maine island grown flowers and herbs for true “flower power”! Because I am always taking on way more than I probably should and am constantly stressed and overwhelmed, the “Too Much” blend has been perfect for me to keep me calm and focused. With EO’s like lemon & grapefruit to energize and peppermint to relieve anxiety, and the fact it comes in a purse size roller ball, this is truly a busy gal’s BFF!

Price – $15

Bring on the ZZZZ’s Solid Sleep Balm – Because my brain never wants to shut the hell up when I try and go to sleep, I usually need some “help” quieting it down so that I can actually sleep! This sleep balm contains a plethora of calming and sleep inducing essential oils like lavender, rose, and chamomile & it quickly relaxes me and my chatty brain so I can get my zzzz’s!

Price – $12

Shower Shots – Probably one of the most uniquely interesting (and fun!) products I have ever tried, these shower “shots” will take normal showering to the next level! Made in jello shot molds and scented with essential oils, herbs, and flowers, these provide a healing aromatherapy experience that will make you look forward to your next shower! I was sent both “Hangover Cure” which contains head and tummy healing EO’s of lemon, grapefruit, juniper, cedarwood, & lavender, and “Sleepy Lavender” with pure lavender to help de-stress, relax and lull me to sleep.

How to use: Place shower shot on the floor of shower and as the water dissolves it, the essential oils are released to take you on your aromatherapy journey!

Price – $3 (single shot) or $18 (6 pack)



Stop the Water While Using Me!


Stop the Water is a brand that not only uses clean, natural ingredients and eco-conscious packaging, but they are a brand with a simple, yet important message for us to be more mindful of our water consumption.

They are also a brand that gives back. Their “Good Water Projects”, is a global initiative that works to conserve and supply water to areas around the world experiencing droughts or shortages.

Because STW hits all the right notes for me in regards to eco-friendly brands, I was super excited to try them out!

Almond Fig Body Oil – I am so completely obsessed with this oil! From the sweet nutty fragrance to the rich, luxurious texture to how it drenches my skin with serious moisture, I am hooked. Made with highly nutrient dense ingredients like organic almond oil, fig extract, black currant seed oil, walnut oil, babassu and rosemary your skin will feel pampered and soft and lightly scented (from essential oils) all day!

Price – $36 for 100ml

Orange Wild Herbs Body Lotion – This was my go-to body lotion this Summer as the light, silky texture offered deep hydration without being greasy and the subtle, spicy orange fragrance was perfect for the warmer months. Made with ingredients like jojoba & sesame seed oils, shea butter, and wild herbs, as well as orange blossom and lemon balm waters, this lotion will leave your skin feeling loved!

Price – $24 for 200ml or $43 for 500ml


Have you guys tried any of these brands? What are your favorites? Let me know below!


Peace & love,

Brie xo


*Products were sent to me for review consideration. All opinions are my own. All photos were taken by and are property of TBE, do not use without permission.

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