TBE’s Fall Hair Tips

For years since I started coloring my hair, the colder weather generally meant dry, fizzy, static-y locks. And heat styling it every day only made things ten times worse.

But once I switched to a greener lifestyle, I made some changes to my hair routine that has taken my hair from a literal hot mess to a healthy, happy state.

Today, I’m sharing some of my tips to keep your hair soft, smooth and shiny during the Fall season… and all year round, including some that I found from eSalon!

  1. Skip washing your hair – Washing your hair every day (like I used to do) strips it of its natural oils – oils that help to keep your scalp and hair moisturized. I typically wash my hair now every 3-4 days, depending on my schedule and I always use hair products that are sulfate-free. To extend the time between hair washings even further, I use a dry or waterless shampoo (my current faves are this one and this one).
  2. Step away from the heat – Heat styling regularly (again like this girl used to) can make dry, frizzy hair more so, as well as cause split ends & breakage. Giving your hair a breather from all the styling tools will help to prevent unwanted damage. To protect hair during heat styling (and to tame frizz and flyaways), I love to use this mixed with this.
  3. Go green – For me, it’s not enough to ditch the sulfates – I treat my hair (and scalp) the same as I do the rest of me, and that means using clean, non-toxic ingredients head to toe. And with so many natural brands popping up, it’s not hard at all to find something that works for you. Because I have color treated hair, I want to make sure that I use hair products that are extra moisturizing as well as color protective but won’t leave my hair feeling greasy. A few of my current fave brands can be found here, here and here.
  4. A top bun is always a good idea – Whenever my hair is being particularly uncooperative, I like to throw it in a messy, loose bun and pile it on top of my head. Just secure runaway strands with bobby pins and go about your day! I also always sleep with my hair in a bun so that the oils from my skincare don’t make my hair oily. This is also my secret to getting those gorgeous, messy “beachy” waves – I wash my hair before bed, let air dry a bit, spray some leave-in conditioner (like this one), put hair in a top bun and when I wake up, my hair is super wavy and I can just comb and go.
Top bun for the win!
3rd-day hair, don’t care! 😉
Sleep bun waves!

For even more tips, check out these infographics:

What are your tips for keeping your hair healthy and fab looking during the Fall season? Let me know below! 

Peace & love,

Brie xo



* Any products mentioned were gifted to me by the brands & are ones that I love and use.

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