Ingredients to Avoid

Our skin absorbs up to 60% of what we put on it directly into our bloodstream. Think about that for a moment. Take a look at some of the ingredients in the products you use daily. Chances are, if they are not organic and 100% natural, there are a whole plethora of ingredients that are not only causing many of the skin issues you are trying to address, but are also toxic and down right deadly. Below are a list of ingredients that should be avoided. There are many more, and I mentioned some in an earlier post, but I’d like to add Phenoxyethanol – a preservative used in a lot of “natural” and even organic skincare and beauty products. While there is still some debate on its safety, my thought is if there is any debate on an ingredient’s safety in the first place, I probably don’t want to use it!

You can also check on the safety of ingredients at the EWG’s Skin Deep Database at

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