The Wonders of Seabuckthorn Oil – SeabuckWonders Review

Even though I eat really healthy (mostly), I still like to incorporate supplements into my diet, mainly because I have this bad habit of forgetting to eat during the day (I’ve been doing better lately, though) & I want to make sure I am getting enough nutrients. One of my favorite recent supplements that I…

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Top Beautifying Foods to Add To Your Diet

  Let’s face it, there is not a woman alive that doesn’t want to be beautiful. We spend tons of money each year on products that promise to “boost our beauty potential” and magically erase lines, wrinkles, acne and other skin issues. We are bombarded daily by advertisements and commercials that tell us unless we…

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Do Diets Sabotage Your True Beauty Potential?

I’ll probably get some flack for this post from some of my family members, but I feel obligated to tell it like it is in regards to all things health and beauty. One of the things I have noticed, and especially living in America, is that as a nation, we are diet obsessed. I blame…

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