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Guest Post: Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Outdoor Sanctuary

Outdoor living is an alluring lifestyle gaining traction across the globe. Numerous gardeners are determined to renovate, design or revamp their outdoor areas with sustainability in mind. This is a chance to lower your environmental impact, inject visual bliss, and save money each month. Besides, you can assemble a space which reflects your unique sense…

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Guest Post: Creating A Non-Toxic Environment For Your Child

Happy Friday lovelies! Today I have a guest post that focuses on creating a less toxic home environment for your child(or children), and even though I don’t currently have people children, I do have animal “children”, and these tips can be important for them too! 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy this & thank you, Tracey,…

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Guest Post: Tips For Making Your Backyard More Eco-Friendly

Hey, eco-beauties! Today, I have a guest post by lifestyle blogger, Marie Nieves, who shares some tips on how to “green up” your backyard! 🙂 Enjoy! Peace & love, ~Sabrina xoxo   Guest Post: Tips For Making Your Backyard More Eco-Friendly Mmm, the spring air is lingering. I’m positively affected by the “busy bug” as…

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Guest Post: A Daily Blackheads Removal Routine

  Hey, guys! Today, I have a post written by a long time reader of TBE who wanted to share a few natural solutions to getting rid of blackheads! I know I certainly could use a few tips to get rid of those pesky bastards! Anyhoo, read on and enjoy! Peace & love, ~Sabrina xoxo…

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8 Food & Nutrition Trends To Watch For in 2016!

Well, another year has flown by! Seriously, Father Time, slow it down a bit, will ya?! Anyways, I hope you guys had a great New Year’s and that 2016 is all that you want it to be! 🙂 I have so many things I plan to accomplish this year (many for TBE, many personal/health related)…

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Guest Post: Healthy Alternatives to Toxic Cleaning Products

  Hey guys! I have another guest post I’d like to share, this one focusing on “cleaning up” your cleaning products! I’m always looking for safer, more eco-friendly alternatives to contemporary cleaning products and this post that was submitted to TBE gives some great advice on how to get started! 🙂 Enjoy! Peace & Love,…

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Eco Home: The Best Plants To Improve The Air Quality Of Your Home

Hey guys! Today’s post is all about greening up your home – literally. Plants not only make eye catching decor for your living areas, but they can also greatly improve the quality of air by removing health damaging toxins from your home! The peeps over at ProFlowers break down which plants are best for improving…

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Guest Post: Argan Oil Benefits For Skin, Hair & Body!

Hey loves! So, it’s been a while since I had a guest post appear on my blog, and today I am happy to have this little gem written by Australian author, Amy Mia Goldsmith to share with you! You can check out more of her work here! This post is all about one of my…

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